Special programs

“Museum without barriers”

The program is devised for disabled visitors of all categories. It includes exploring the main exposition of the museum as well as interactive centers “Cognize yourself – Discover the world”, “Walk the Path of Evolution”, guided tours and interactive classes

“Special visitors”

The program is developed for visitors with autism and members of their families. 

“The world in hands”

Educational activities and interactive classes for deaf-blind and visually impaired visitors. 

The project is implemented with the support of the Non-state establishment “Institute of professional rehabilitation and personnel training of the all-Russian public organization of disabled people – the all-Russian Order of the Red Banner of Labour of the society of the blind “Rehacomp”.

Disability should be considered as a part of human life and regarded with an adequate respect, care and attention to the disabled part of population.

The main idea of service provided for the disabled in the Darwin museum is creating a comfortable environment for visitors with disabilities to enjoy the process of exploring the beautiful world and taking part in various educational activities and events held at the museum.