On April 25, 2020, the State Darwin Museum is celebrating International EARTH DAY.

Every year over 2 000 visitors join us for the celebration of EARTH DAY at Darwin museum. This is a one-day festival with activities for children and their parents organized to raise awareness regarding climate change and environment protection, as well as to educate about animals and plants of a metropolis.


This year to celebrate EARTH DAY 50th anniversary we have prepared a special program for our visitors, which includes an exhibition of dogs and puppies from shelters to help them find a new home, as well as several thematic quizzes, workshops, games, lab classes and lectures.

Visitors are invited: 

  • to attend lectures on which mushrooms are edible and when they became part of traditional Russian cuisine; 
  • to take part in quizzes about the Earth and get “The Certificate of the Earthman”, as well as some useful pieces of advice on gardening; 
  • to play entertaining games about hedgehogs; 
  • to find fossils and become a true paleontologist; 
  • to learn life hacks of how to save our environment step by step; 
  • to make a colorful reconstruction of how dinosaurs used to look like.ED3

This year we are supporting an American Earth Day initiative ED2

On their website, you can find an earth day event near you or register your own on the map of Earth Day activities and events across the globe