Excursions for everyone

The museum offers adapted guided tours for disabled persons of all categories, including visitors with combined pathologies (children and adult audiences).


1. Specialised excursions and classes for visitors with disorders of mental development and particular characteristics of emotional response. A special program is devised to meet individual needs of each group.

2. A comfortable route around the exposition is prepared for visitors with mobility impairments.

3. General and thematic excursions around the main exposition and classes for blind, visually impaired and deaf-blind visitors are conducted using the tactile didactic material.

4. There are services of an interpreter for visitors with hearing impairment available during guided tours and classes. 

A guided tour for visitors with autism.

A quest at the temporary exhibition “Birds. Technology of perfection”. 

An interactive class with insects in the museum’s insectarium

A general excursion around the main exposition 

Thematic tours


“Wonderful world of the planet Earth”

A colourful variety of the animal world on our planet including inhabitants of tropical forests, savannas, highlands, seas and oceans as well as visible and invisible connections between them.


Typical characteristics of predators, specialised orders, hunting tactics, characteristics of individual representatives living in different places on Earth.

“Six-legged planet neighbours”

This activity opens the wonderful and diverse world of insects. Large bright beetles and tropical butterflies. Inhabitants of our parks, gardens, forests and meadows. Rare and protected species. Live insects including cockroaches, stick insects, grasshoppers, crickets, and other kinds. Members of the class can hold them in hands.

“The world of plants”

The world of plants is not less diverse than the world of animals. An extraordinary beauty of a flower and unusual shape of leaves, roots and stems often imply particular means of survival in a natural community. A guided tour around a wonderful greenhouse of the museum will reveal for you the secrets and mysteries of plants. 

“Environmental Path”

This activity includes exploring inhabitants of the modern metropolis (animals, plants, mushrooms).